Personal Information
This page conatins personal information about Jerome Roy Westrick

I was born in Tampa Fla, March 20 1959.

My father was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and he programs computers about 3 years longer than I've been alive. Back in those days (late 50's and early 60's) when you sold a computer, you had to send programmers with it, since there just was none around. So we moved every 2 to 3 years, from contract to contract. My first 8 years, I lived all over the south-eastern USA (Florida, Georgia, and West-Virginia).

My mother is a Latina, born an american citizen in "Cabo Gracias a Dios" Nicaragua. So I was first introduced to my Latin American heritage, when we moved to Latin America (Chile, Uruguay, and Guatemala) with the USAID program.

I graduated from a US Accredited high school, the American School of Guatemala, in the class of '77, with 2 years of Fortran IV programming. I immediately started working as programmer in my fathers software consulting company.

After a few years of college, I was back working as an application programmer for the Banking industry in Baton Rouge La, and later Miami Fla.

From there, I moved to Switzerland where I spent 28 years working in the Finance Industry (mainly European Banks). I now have both Swiss and American citizenship.

In 2010, I returned to Miami where I joined a startup company as a Managing Member and Principal Developer. And now in 2012 am starting my own software developement company where I can pass on the extensive know-how I've collected over my 35+ year carrer.

Although I consider myself a "Latingo" (Half latin american, half USA); The nearly 30 years in europe have given me a more cosmepolitan character, and left me with a slight europen accent.